We believe in a responsible and high quality clothes production. We do not focus on trends, we follow the inspiration that we take from nature and self-awareness.

As part of the textile and fashion industry, which is the one of the most polluted industries on the planet, we feel responsible towards society and the earth.

We would like to growth a thought in our clients to buy responsibly, consider each individual purchase just as we consider every stage of our design and production process.

We select all our fabrics with great care and caution. We only use natural fibres and try to avoid those synthetic and dyed with poisonous chemicals. We are always looking for textiles that are certified according to leading standards such as GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standards.

For our knitted sweaters we use only natural yarn such as merino wool, alpaca with wool, mohair with silk. The story of our sweaters always begins with finding perfect yarn. We must fall in love with the yarn to make a purchase. It must meet all our expectations that is to be produced without harm to animals, no chemicals that harm the environment as well as people and also it must have the right appearance.

We are small company in the ocean of textile procedures. We try to stand out among other brands with yarn from which we manufacture clothes and also our sustainable way of looking at the business. We can safely say that we produce luxury knitwear, but this luxury is not dictated by the high retail proce of the clothes but its quality.


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